June 24, 2004

Ouch! My Van!

Today I set off to run errands. It really is beginning to seem like running errands is not a good thing.

I went merrily from bank (one of two banks to visit that day) to post box to gas station, and headed out to Coquitlam to the other bank and the world's best bakery. On the freeway, I heard a Very Bad Noise from my van, kinda like a rock flying around in my passenger side wheel housing. The noise stopped fairly quickly, but somehow I felt that wasn't the last of it.

Upon taking the freeway exit, I learned that it wasn't -- the steering wheel was hard to turn, stiff and resistant. I slackened speed, annoying the driver behind me, and went around the curve carefully, having visions of steering rod thingies all buggered up and possibly only one wheel turning properly.

I continued slowly toward my bank, deciding to find a good place to stop near the bank, so I could do my banking and get under the van and have a wee peek. I'd already figured that parallel parking wasn't going to be an option, because I could steer enough to change lanes, but even wide left turns were problematical.

I'd just got off the main road, and was looking for a safe pull-off spot, when my van suddenly started making the most expensive-sounding horrible car noise I've ever heard, kinda like a huge turbo-fan, with metal garbage cans full of steel ballbearings being thrown in the blades.

I ear-shatteringly blattered my way an additional half-block, to a spot where I wouldn't be towed, shut off the engine, gave it an affectionate kick on the tire, and left to go do my banking.

I called Spike from a payphone, and chemo and all, the darling wanted to come and pick me up.

Nuthin' doin'.

And do y'all know it costs $4 to take a bus now? Holy crap.

Anyhow, I'm a pedestrian until I make sure we have rent and grocery money, then I'll get the thing towed somewhere and hope the blattering noise is not as indicative of expen$ive repair$ as I fear.


Posted by Elaine at June 24, 2004 04:54 PM