Auto Google search within last year in Firefox

I do a lot of tech work, and am frequently searching online for things happening now, or at least not too long ago. Especially with fast-growing software projects, a search reult from 4 years ago is not going to be relevant. Doing the initial Google search, then drilling down through advanced search is doable but time-wasting. However, I couldn’t find a solution I liked until I hit upon a way to pass parameters to google using the keywords behaviour the address bar in Firefox.

Now my Goggle search in the search box is normal, and returns results from any time, but if I do a keyword search from the address bar in Firefox, it returns a Google search of items from the last year only.

Here’s how you do it:

In Firefox’s address bar, type “about:config”.
In the Filter box, type “keyword”.
Make sure that keyword.enabled is set to “true”.
Right click keyword.url to modify it (can double click as well).

Copy this string value below and enter it in the box.,qdr:y&q=

It includes SafeSearch off by default, so if you like your searches “safe”, try,qdr:y&q=

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One thought on “Auto Google search within last year in Firefox

  1. i think this works just as well:

    all the other stuff is basic default parameters, like UTF-8 encoding, used for almost all western alphabets, etc… but thanks for the tip–i just discovered this feature too and forgot to mail it home before i left work. your site was top on the list! Thanks!

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