Self-promotion and blog hosting

I hear a rumour that certain big social network blogging company is having flotation difficulties. Should it sink, O fellow bloggers, I offer a lifeboat for your wordliness.

For $5 a month (or $50 per year), I can host your domain for you, in a kind of way. That’ll include WordPress software, and you’ll be able to continue to blog to your heart’s content.

(Domain name registration not included, but it can cost you anything from $2 – $20 bucks a year)

Contact me at elaine-at-elainemiller-dot-com to chat about it.

Here’s where I blog from:

I like self-hosting because I have lots of control over what/how/who, and what everything looks like. I also have it set up to propagate to other various sites, like, um, Livejournal — but if Livejournal were to go under, the original blog will still be intact.

Here’s my work site: (Don’t mind the gallery/portfolio — I’m swapping it over to a different system, and it’s wonky for the next couple of days while I tinker.)

Backing Up Your Current Blog

Livejournal (um, just for instance) can export posts to an XML file, which can then be imported into WordPress.

Some third party sites that offer more full-on Livejournal backup solutions are as follows (if you can’t get on because they’re so busy right now, try at a different time of day.):

Lots of other blog formats out there. Must be a reason I’m picking on Livejournal. Hmm.

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