Dykes on Bikes @ Vancouver Gay Pride 2008 — the plan! (pass it on)

Dykes on Bikes @ Vancouver Gay Pride 2008 — the plan! (pass it on)

Sunday, July 27th — Dykes on Bikes pre-parade BIKE WASH

1:30 — 4:30pm
2304 East Georgia St
http://bykedykes.vancouverleather.com for details….


Saturday, Aug 2 — The DykeMarch

Gather 11:30am at the west wide of McSpadden Park.
Starts at noon.


Sunday, Aug 3 — the Pride Parade

For those starting on the East Side (Oh, the joys of the queer-women
biker gang run through the heart of the city…) Commercial and 3rd Ave.
Between 10 & 10:30 arrival, leave the east end for the west end at 11 am.

Parade starts at Robson and Thurlow this year!
Offical start time is noon… bykes arrive at Robson &
Thurlow at 11am (or earlier, or later).
Go to the head of the parade. No paperwork required.


Parade Guidelines:

Wear your helmet to travel to the parade start, but *you* choose whether
to wear it during the parade. Often a float vehicle hear the front will
volunteer some space to hold your lids while en route.

Keep it slow, both on the turns and the long straightaways! Fast riding
scares the moms with toddlers sitting on the curb, and some of our
riders have less experience than you do, hotdogger. And the cops can get damn snarky at high-speed riding. Also, you want everyone to be able to see your sexy self on your hot machine — not just a blur with a bug-spattered grin.


If you haven’t already…. Join the BykeDykes mailing list!

See the BykeDykes gallery, including some past year’s Bike Wash events

Take Pictures! Get your mom to take pictures!
Send ’em to elaine@elainemiller.com (with notes about attribution if
necessary) and Elaine will whip ’em up onto the gallery.


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