Bike Wash, my place, Sunday July 27th afternoon

Dykes on Bikes pre-parade BIKE WASH

You know you wanna look all purty in the Gay Pride Parade. Also, it’s nice to be admired for your shiny machine at every other place in town.

Dykes with bikes, women with motorcycles, genderqueers with scooters, and all those queer folks who admire ’em and/or wanna offer polishing help.

Sunday, July 27th, 1:30 — 4:30pm
(in any weather except violently inclement)

2304 East Georgia St
(1 block west of Nanaimo St)
Look for the pirate flag and the array of motorcyles.

We’ll provide buckets, a few rags, a garden hose, and some ordinary soapy stuff.
And ice. And a cooler or so.

Bring whatever you’re drinking, a few more rags or sponges or toothbrushes, plus any polishing compounds and the like.


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BONUS: Dykes on Bikes Pride Weekend planning cheatsheet:

Saturday, Aug 2 (DYKEMARCH): Gather 11:30am, West side of McSpadden Park

Sunday, Aug 3 (PRIDE PARADE):
East End—> Commercial Dr at 3rd, 10:30am, head downtown @11
West End—> Robson and Thurlow, 11am-ish., Parade starts at noon.

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