Elaine Miller

The most exciting thing for me lately? I’m the new owner of a wee consignment leather shop.


I put up this site in 1998, because I was sick of meeting people while I was giving a workshop or performing in drag or something and saying
“Yes, I’m Elaine Miller, the desktop publishing geek in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Oh, I mean Elaine Miller the writer. Er… the leatherdyke spokesqueer. I mean the party organizer. You’d like some web design work? Oh, you want web hosting. Take my card. Yes, I know this one says ‘Make-Up Artist‘. OK, here, let me write the information on the card. Umm… Hello? Hello?”

So here’s a table of contents to the things I do for fun and for a living. Besides, it’s so damn handy to have one central email address. Be welcome.

Oh, and here’s my leather community bio.

No posts today :-(


Dropbox is a useful freaking app. I use it All The Dang Time. Go git it, and incidentally using this link will buy me a bit more storage space. So there.

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